Ultimate Guide to Make Money con eSports

Betting on eSports continues to surge in popularity as betting on video games has become a serious way to make some money. There are a myriad of ways to wager on sports in many different games but today, we are going to discuss some ways to make money betting on eSports. 


Cashing out on an eSports wager is just like hitting the jackpot at the best online casino in the industry. So, this is how to make some extra side money with the help of esports. 

Madden Sims


One of the biggest things in the sports betting world during the pandemic was to supplement the fact that there were no sports going on by having a simulation of the Madden video game franchise like it is a real game. They have a schedule where they will be playing just like you are watching on Sundays during the season. 


Wagers are allowed as it is an actual game as it is just the computer playing against another computer team. This goes on all the time as all they need is to have the system running, but you can bet this just like a regular NFL game. 

League of Legends DFS Draft


Who does not love drafting? If you go to DraftKings for eSports betting, there will be an option to enter a snake draft and create your fantasy team between certain teams that are playing. They also give you a boost with your captain slot getting 1.5 times the points as a slight boost. This is one of the more intriguing things as it factors in a bunch of different aspects like draft positioning and adds a little bit of strategy on your part. 


They also have the League of Legends betting similar to how their Daily Fantasy Sports work for professional sports leagues as each player is given a specific monetary value and the bettor has to create a full lineup with the $50,000 salary cap allotted for the games being played during that time. DraftKings does great at allowing the user to feel like they are involved every step of the way and that you are just a couple of decisions away from leaving with a lot of money. 

Figuring Out an Edge


This is more of an overview of eSports betting, but it is something that needs to be said. Betting on eSports matchups are just like any other bet you can make inside of a sportsbook as you can discover matchup trends and figure out which teams or players have an edge over their competition. 


It could be a specific matchup or playing as a certain character in the game that is not their strongest ability as a player, but figuring out exactly what is the best course to go is critical to your success. 


In simulated sports, it is more difficult to find an edge, but you still can if you study the attributes of both teams and go off of that. Tom Brady has incredible pass accuracy in the middle of the field while Lamar Jackson has more of the ability to scramble in the pocket and use his legs as a weapon. It simply is understanding which numbers and attributes are important and which ones are not. 


When looking into League of Legends or any one-on-one matchup for eSports, figure out a player or team’s strengths and weaknesses and if their opponent possesses the capability to exploit them. If they do, then you are in the driver’s seat as it will be difficult for the game to end up going any other way. It does not matter the game as the more flaws in the opponent’s game that they can find, the better chances they have to win and make you some money. 


What are some of your favorite games in the world of eSports?

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