Making Money with Sports Betting: How to Increase Your Long-Term Win Rate

When it comes to sports betting, the biggest motivator is making money. Every sports bettor wants to increase their income and win big. Some might not admit this, but making money is why many bettors started betting. It is why amateur bettors try different sports and events like the Southern 500 races in NASCAR, FIFA World Cup in Soccer, etc.


Not having a plan and only wanting to make money would make it difficult to get any long-term win rate. You might win some, but if you calculate it, you’ll discover that you’re losing more than you win. In that case, you should have a strategy before placing bets on your favorite spots before you get started. 


Sports betting has the potential to make you big money. You need fortune, a good betting plan, and enough money to risk. We’ve pieced together this guide to help you through your sports betting journey. You should keep reading to increase your long-term win rate when you bet on sports. 

Stick to the Sports You Know


Many new bettors like to try different sports and might not know how the sport works. Also, they won’t have any idea of what teams are in the running for the best. As a result, most of their bets are random, meaning there is no strategy to it, and as a result, they will lose more than they win. Therefore, you should avoid doing that. 


If there is any sport you’re passionate about and follow diligently, it is what you should follow. It would help increase your chances of making better predictions because you can tell what team is performing and the ones that are merely living on past glory. You won’t be swayed by only odds and can tell if the underdog has a winning chance. 


Although luck is still a big part of winning, sticking to the sport you know would increase your chances of winning, and you would win more than you lose. Your long-term win rate would increase. So, you should start with sports you already know. If you don’t have any, you should spend the time to find one, learn about it, and follow the game diligently. 

Increase Wager and Reduce Risk


Since there is a lot of risk to sports betting, many experts recommend that you bet low to avoid losing your bankroll in one swoop. As much as this is excellent advice, you might be missing out on an incredible opportunity to win big because you can increase the money you bet and reduce the risk. 


In most cases, the favorite odds win. Therefore, you can back these odds and bet high. Even if the odds are not high, you’ll have the chance to win big. Also, you can reduce risk by researching the games you want to bet on. Before you can do this thoroughly, you must understand how the odds work and how to calculate their stats. 


Once you can research teams and analyze the numbers, you’ll have the chance to bet on the good games. You can bet a higher percentage of your bankroll with a lower risk, and the payout would be high. We expect you to win more than you lose, and since the payout is high, you’ll be closer to your goal. 

Stick to the Favorites 


If you’re a newbie still learning about the ropes and don’t understand the sport in-depth, we recommend that you stick with the teams with the clear favorite odds. Although the payout would be low, you would have the chance to win more than you lose as you learn more about the sports.


You can check the teams’ head-to-head, current standings, previous performances, and updates. These will help you to know if the favorites are still in the running to win the game. Also, you should remember that some games would result in a loss. Therefore, it is better to have a uniform betting pattern during this stage. 

Create a Money Management Plan


A money management plan is good if you’re planning to bet long-term. You need to take the time to review different management plans to find the one that works for you. In that case, based on your bankroll, you can cut out your budget and how you want to bet on games, making it easy to save your bankroll.


Ensure that once you have a plan, you’ll stick to it. Some sports betting sites would provide tools to help you with your plan. You can use the ones you have access to get started with your betting plan. If you can do it right, you can bet for a long time, and taking risks would be easier, increasing your win rate in the long term.

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