Different Ways to Make Money in the Sports Betting Industry Other Than Wagering on Games

Sports betting is a significant part of various sports as we now have betting platforms that sponsor top sporting brands and teams. We can’t separate both sides, and there is barely any sporting event that doesn’t have odds you can bet on. We’ve had several Super Bowl odds and other smaller sporting events odds to bet on.


You only have to find the sport you’re passionate about, and you’ll most likely find a sportsbook where you can bet on the available games. Make your predictions and enter the amount you want to bet to get a payout if your prediction is correct. You can do it repeatedly until you want to take a break.


We understand that betting on games is the central part of sports betting; there are other things you can do to make money in the industry. If you want to try them out, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the other ways you can make money in the sports betting world. You should try these tips to kickstart your money-making journey. 

Affiliate Marketing


One of the best ways to make money with your knowledge of the sports betting world without wagering on games is to become an affiliate marketer for sports betting brands. Since sportsbooks and online bookies are looking for ways to ensure that they get in more players, you can help increase their signups through your links.


Most sportsbooks would pay you commissions based on the number of players you bring that place bets. You only have to help promote their brands to your network. Although you don’t need to bet to become an affiliate marketer, selling would be easier if you’ve tried the platform beforehand.


So, we expect you to create an account with the different sports betting brands you want to join. Look around the platform to know how they provide betting options to players. 


For instance, if players want to bet on Super Bowl games, what are the betting lines available, and what are the odds? Do they offer unique resources? Answers to these questions and more would give you a way to convince others to join quickly.  

Providing Paid Tips to Bettors


Another way to make money from the sports betting industry other than trying your luck with betting on games is to provide paid tips to bettors. If you have a solid return rate with your bets, you can use it to build a community where you will predict games and provide tips for others to stake on. 


If you’re lucky enough to have a high return rate in your community, you can expect to get more people to come and join. The more people that join the premium community would increase the amount you earn, and you can be sure that there would be a high return. You just have to be a good punter.


You can create a solid strategy that would help you improve your bets and increase your chances of getting a higher return. Before you start charging people money for your tips, we recommend that you provide a free tips community where everyone can join. Build your reputation first, and later, you can start charging fees. 

Running a Betting Site


If you have the money or resources, you, too, can have a betting site. You might have to go through the laws of your region and other countries where you want to provide your services. It would help you understand what you need to do before starting your journey. We expect you to take the time to go through the different laws. 


It is expensive to run a betting site, and you might crash and burn if you don’t have the resources. So, this is only reserved for those with massive capital and who are ready to take a considerable risk. You can start with building a tipster community where people come together to drop tips, and your visitors can come around to use them.


You can charge visitors money before they can access the tips. That way, you’ll earn money without having to do too much, and it would be based on the tipsters’ performance. You can add other incentives to make your platform worth visiting and attractive to everybody, like top-notch Super Bowl lines



Finally, on our list is freelancing. Different agencies provide sports betting services, and they need contractors to help keep the ball rolling. Depending on the types of skills you have, you can choose from the different available services. 


Sell your skills to different brands and start earning big money. Before you know it, you would have many clients looking for your service. You just need to find what problem you can solve and build a business around it to start earning money.

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