Why people play games in their free time

There are many reasons why people enjoy playing games, whether alone or with other people. Gaming is probably one of the oldest human activities, from simple games with rocks and pebbles to card and board games, and now video and online gaming. Games are often competitive and can be enhanced by being played for money or other rewards but are equally enjoyed just for the fun of taking part.


Playing a game allows you to escape from the stress and anxiety of your everyday life. Although there may be pressures within a game, particularly with a high-intensity video game, playing lets you forget about your real worries for a time and come back to them refreshed and renewed.

Some games, including video games, have a slower pace and are genuinely relaxing. Not all games are about competing and winning. Sometimes they can just be about exercising your imagination and playing almost as though you were a child again.

Winning money

Many people enjoy gambling games where you can win money or prizes. Outside of a few states, casinos in India can be found online, where real money prizes can be won in games of chance and sometimes skill. However, those that enjoy gambling in a healthy way don’t just play for the money. They also respond to the element of surprise and the chance to test their luck in a safe but exciting environment.

Taking risks

Games allow us to indulge our natural appetite for risk-taking in a way that generally doesn’t have consequences outside of the game. While some games include the genuine risk of losing money, in many cases, the main dangers are failing within the game, which isn’t so bad.

We all like to test ourselves and take risks and enjoy the feeling of joy if the gamble pays off. Games give us the rush without the danger. Our character may be killed or injured in a video game, but we can still walk away and pick up the game on another day. In this sense, gaming teaches us the value of persistence as well.


Competing is also a natural human quality, and games provide a framework in which this can be done fairly and respectfully. Competition goes hand in hand with self-improvement, as we try to get better at playing the game to win more often or rise through the rankings. Honing our skills and beating our opponents gives us a feeling of self-worth and of being in control. Being good at something naturally helps our self-esteem.

Game players can compete at different levels, and sometimes it’s possible to turn your hobby into a profession. Some video gamers become professional esports players or earn sponsorship by streaming their gameplay online. Even if you don’t reach these heights, you can still enjoy the feeling of competition in gaming.

These points just skim the surface of why we enjoy gaming. A balanced life should always include an element of play alongside work, socialising, and self-improvement. Games let us explore, create, and exercise our imaginations. We are not going to stop playing anytime soon. 



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