What kind of projects can be done with Artificial Intelligence?

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) today. From educational institutions to logistics centers, from call centers to eCommerce, businesses and institutions are using AI for many advantages. Whether a robot is using Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks or chatbots or to answer a customer question on the website, AI technologies are improving efficiency.

AI is used in a broad range of applications in everyday life. Most businesses are leveraging it for a business edge. As an IT professional and practitioner, learning Artificial Intelligence will enhance your career prospects as the future is an AI-driven world. Register for the Artificial Intelligence course in Bangalore for project-based learning of Artificial Intelligence technologies and watch your career grow. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by machines and computer systems to enable them to act with human-like intuition and intellect. It refers to a group of interconnected systems running on specialized hardware and software for writing and training machine learning algorithms. The machines ingest a large amount of labeled training data to analyse patterns and use these insights for highly intuitive predictions. AI is also a computer system that can perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence systems are powered by algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning. These algorithms input computer data to the AI systems, using statistical techniques for the systems to learn. The systems learn iteratively and progressively get better at the desired tasks without being specifically programmed to do so.

AI technologies have transformed businesses globally, enabling automation of previously time-consuming processes and gaining insights into data for predictive outcomes.


Why pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the development of algorithms and techniques that simulate cognitive intelligence. Computer Science is applied in developing AI systems and understanding the behavior of the ‘intelligent’ computer programs.

Artificial Intelligence systems are significant for companies that pull out value from data by automating processes and uncovering insights. Artificial Intelligence systems further help businesses to extract insights and patterns that are otherwise not possible to identify and facilitate more targeted recommendations and events.

Thus the effects of Artificial Intelligence as a technological revolution are pervasive and deep, altering the way we live, work and relate to one another. We cannot imagine a world without Artificial Intelligence, and companies and governments alike are quick to recognize this and take advantage of this. Companies that fail to adopt AI are at risk of being left behind in the race for a business edge.

The effects of AI will be phenomenal in the coming decade, with manufacturing, retailing, transportation, insurance, finance, healthcare, entertainment, and almost every other industry converting their core business models to deploy Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Projects with Artificial Intelligence

AI encompasses anything from Google’s search algorithms to autonomous robots.  Theoretical learning is not sufficient to fulfill your learning curve, and you need to spend time working on real-world projects. You get hands-on experience on ‘real’ applications and have the opportunity to list them on your resume when applying for a job. Working on such projects can be a feather in your cap in the job market.

Here are some examples of projects that can be done with Artificial Intelligence:


Beginner students of Artificial Intelligence can start with chatbots, the software application that conducts online chat conversations via text or text-to-speech, acting as a live human agent interface. Examples of chatbots are Siri and Alexa. Chatbots are available on every banking, eCommerce, or customer-facing site. Identify a simple one, say a university website chatbot, and build a similar one. Chatbots are self-learning apps that use speech recognition, text or character recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and other AI algorithms to recognize speech, text, and images, and scan a huge archive of data to answer your queries. Be creative with different types of chatbots, and make your project robust.

Stock Market Prediction

Are you good at Maths and Stats and like working with numbers? Then building a stock market predictor is just the right project for you. Build a predictor with short cycles and a few variables such as demand and supply, company performance, and market sentiments. Identify the companies. Obtain the data. Use data mining algorithms to analyze the variations in the share price of the companies with these factors. Scale up to build more complex predictors using more variables.

Spam classification

Emails contain plenty of spam mail which are automatically filtered using Artificial Intelligence. Spam emails are dangerous because they are capable of causing security vulnerabilities and are malicious, collecting personal information or data. So emails are segregated for spam and phishing emails. Build a tool to detect, track and analyze keywords to filter spam emails.  Classify emails as spam or non-spam based on the content of the email alone.

Face Recognition

Many applications recognize faces with nearly 100% accuracy. Face recognition uses mathematical functions and algorithms. Execute this project on your laptop or cell phone, using face recognition to power the device like a password. Use 3D recognition and image processing. If you want to try something more advanced, you can do Facial Emotion Detection using a Convolutional Neural Network.

Recommendation Engine

Recommender systems are used by many applications on the Internet, like YouTube and Spotify. Pop-ups make suggestions based on your viewing habits, age, preferences, etc. Try creating a similar recommender engine based on user behavior. Create algorithms that factor in your tastes and recommend content that the user may like to watch. You can even use your browsing history and viewing preferences for the project.

Recommender engine developers are in demand in the job market. So this is one project that you must have in your portfolio.


Whether you are a developer or data science practitioner, learning Artificial Intelligence will always enhance your skills and help you in your job. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register for the AI course in Bangalore and upskill in the most relevant technology.

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