Using iOS MDM Software To Manage Your Apple Devices


For accessing corporate data, organizations implementing enterprise mobility employ either corporate or personally-owned (BYOD) smartphones. These firms must install a device management solution with iOS management features to ensure increased productivity and corporate data protection.

What is SureMDM (Mobile Device Management)?

SureMDM Mobile Device Manager is a complete mobile device management solution designed to empower your company workforce with the power of mobility. The solution helps improve employee productivity while ensuring corporate security. It helps manage smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, television and rugged devices, and multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, iPad, macOS, Windows and Chrome OS.

Essential MDM features for complete mobile device management

Enroll devices in iOS MDM

The first step in taking control of all of your workers’ mobile devices is to enroll them in your company’s network. This initial step is made easier by SureMDM, which offers many simple enrollment options:

  • Enrollment in personal devices for users (BYOD)
  • Enroll company-owned devices
  • Enrollment should be validated using a one-time passcode or the users’ Active Directory credentials.

The dashboard that is simple to use

The simple dashboard of Mobile Device Manager Plus allows for a short learning curve. Furthermore, the adaptive design is ideal for seamlessly managing mobile devices, as it includes features such as:

Employees should be able to access a secure, exclusive Enterprise App Store. Provide employees with access to a secure File Store. You may also restrict devices to numerous applications or a single app to guarantee that employees utilize devices as intended after they are deployed.

Role-based access control

The finest type of management is proactive management. Mobile Device Management allows you to design roles that best meet your needs and offer appropriate access to certain IT administrators. You may delegate regular tasks to certain users with well-defined access levels, limiting your IT administrators’ administration scope to a specific group of devices.

This policy ensures that device software remains consistent between users while without requiring any action from those users. Perhaps most crucially, remote troubleshooting enables administrators to get devices up and running from any location, reducing travel expenses and decreasing device downtime.

Why is mobile device management (MDM) important?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is no longer a luxury for major corporations. Rather, it is a need for organizations.

It is a well-known fact that an increasing number of employees employ mobile devices to accomplish work tasks. Mobile devices provide you with better mobility, quicker solutions, and increased productivity. It protects the company’s privacy by preventing unforeseen assaults, bugs, or snooping. However, they also introduce additional issues in areas like compatibility, access, and device management.

Organizations must maintain a close check on the devices that operate within their network, whether they are company-owned or personal devices (BYOD). The most effective way to do this is to choose a system with broad iOS MDM capabilities.


Using MDM helps to guarantee the effectiveness of identity and access iOS management and improvement of functionality and mobile device security. Therefore businesses need MDM software to control mobile devices used by team members on the organization’s network.


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