The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Unknown Callers: 10 Proven Methods for 2023

Receiving calls from unknown phone numbers has become common in our modern world, where mobile devices constantly emit notifications and receive calls. These calls can be from telemarketers, scammers, or even your doctor’s office, leaving you confused and hesitant to answer.

Recognizing unknown callers may seem daunting, but avoiding fraudulent schemes and protecting oneself against scams is essential. Thankfully, many methods allow you to identify an unknown caller and decide whether to answer.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of ten proven methods to help you identify unknown callers that will be useful in 2023. A brief online search can easily access these methods from basic to advanced techniques.

Top Methods for Identifying Unknown Callers in 2023

  1. USPhoneLookup – The overall best phone lookup service
  2. Instant Checkmate – Offers comprehensive phone lookup service
  3. Number-Lookup – Exceptional phone lookup service
  4. NumLooker – Provides an easy-to-use phone lookup service  
  5. USPhoneSearch – The most reliable platform for phone lookup
  6. Intelius – The most versatile reverse lookup
  7. AnyWho – The most user-friendly platform for phone number tracing and identification 
  8. Truecaller – The most efficient lookup service
  9. BeenVerified – The ultimate solution for phone number tracking and identification
  10. CellRevealer – The most accurate free phone lookup service

1. USPhoneLookup 

USPhoneLookup is an online platform that offers information about phone numbers registered in the United States. The website furnishes its users with details such as the owner’s name, whereabouts, and other pertinent information to assist them in detecting dubious phone calls. 

The platform’s area code search feature lets users get details about phone numbers registered in a specific area, including the owner’s identity. Visit the website to find more info. USPhoneLookup regularly updates its database to provide its visitors with accurate information. 

Additionally, the site offers a report feature that allows users to report any suspicious activities related to a phone number. The platform also offers information about phone scams and fraud to help users protect themselves from fraudulent calls.    


  • Easy to use for anyone, regardless of computer skills
  • Confidential and secure phone lookups through encryption protocols
  • Quick and effective search system
  • Detailed reports with extensive information about the caller
  • The platform is time-efficient and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for running a secure phone number search.
  • The platform collects data from highly legitimate sources such as local, state, and federal public records, phone listings, social media accounts, and public forums.


  • Limited to US-based phone number searches only
  • They do not have a smartphone app for easy access 

2. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers a useful reverse phone lookup feature that can identify the owner of unknown phone numbers, helping users avoid any potential scams and unwanted calls. The platform offers comprehensive and current records regarding a person’s past, including their criminal record and background. 


Through Instant Checkmate, users can easily access information such as known aliases, criminal records, age, and address history. Furthermore, the website also offers an online resource for public records, allowing users to conduct background checks on individuals efficiently.


  • Convenient mobile app
  • The company has over 70,000 users rating of five stars and an A+ rating from the BBB.
  • Search through social network profiles
  • Retrieves information from multiple databases


  • Slow report preparation
  • Some reports are not available for free and require payment to access.

3. Number-Lookup

Number-Lookup offers a reliable reverse phone lookup service that ensures user privacy and protection. The targeted phone number’s owner will remain unaware of the search, making it easy to identify anonymous callers. Enter the phone number into the search bar, initiate the search, and wait as Number-Lookup sifts through multiple public records and web databases. 


  • Easy-to-use search bar with various information search features
  • Instant, accurate, and free search through market-leading service providers
  • Frequent updates to ensure timeliness of information
  • Privacy protection, with no recording of searches


  • Mobile application is not available

4. NumLooker 

NumLooker is a service that helps individuals identify unknown callers by providing a reverse phone number lookup service. The company collects information from public records and online sources to generate consolidated reports within minutes. 


It uses its technology to manage and aggregate over a billion public records, providing accurate results. The pieces can reveal in-depth information about phone numbers, including the owner’s name and age, the phone type and carrier, the email address, location, and details of potential family members.


  • User-friendly with simple steps
  • Delivers prompt and precise search outcomes
  • Includes filtering features to refine search results
  • Completely free of charge


  • The website occasionally encounters crashes while in use


5. USPhoneSearch

USPhoneSearch is an online tool that provides a free reverse phone number lookup, helping users uncover information about the individual behind the call. Users can access details such as name, age, location, address, email, social media profiles, and criminal records. 


The platform offers three services: reverse phone lookup, phone directory, and location tracking, all of which can be filtered by specific state or location code. The reverse phone lookup service is a specialty of USPhoneSearch, which helps users familiarize themselves with unknown callers.     


  • Saves time and hassle of visiting multiple websites
  • Access to offline licensed information sources
  • Advanced filtering feature for more accurate results
  • Notifications for updates in search results.


  • The data sources are limited

Other Methods

Apart from the free reverse phone lookup sites mentioned earlier, there are several other options available, such as Intelius, AnyWho, Truecaller, BeenVerified, and CellRevealer. However, despite offering comparable services, these sites may not be as accurate or reliable as the ones mentioned earlier. While these additional free sites may have fewer features and less information, USPhoneLookup consistently receives high ratings for detailed reports, security, and a quick system among all the free options available.


Identifying unknown callers is essential in protecting yourself against scams and fraudulent schemes in this digital age. Fortunately, many effective methods are available to identify unknown callers, including reverse phone lookup, caller ID, call blocking, and more. 

Among these methods, we highly recommend using USPhoneLookup for its accuracy and user-friendly interface. USPhoneLookup provides accurate and reliable results, making it an essential tool for identifying unknown callers. Don’t hesitate to try it out, and stay safe from unwanted calls in 2023!    

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