Spending Time in San Antonio

Many people spend their winter months being stuck indoors and playing online casino games and this is one way to pass the time. When the weather starts to get warmer though, it’s time to start to do some traveling and get outside and enjoy the best cities in the world.

The state of Texas is one location where many people tend to visit during the year, and Dallas and Houston are two of the cities that attract the most visitors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with visiting either of those two cities, but there is actually a better option. 

San Antonio should be the most popular city to visit in the state of Texas because there are just so many great things to do there. Here is a look at five of the best things to see or do in San Antonio, Texas. 

The Alamo

While there are plenty of great historical sites found in San Antonio, it is the Alamo that is by far the most important place to visit. One nice thing about a visit to the Alamo is that it is completely free to visit, and you can spend hours exploring all that is there. 

You can find guided or self-guided tours at the Alamo, and you will get to hear all about the battle that helped Texas earn its freedom. This fortress is still in excellent condition and there have been very few updates made to the actual site. 

The Alamo is located in a perfect location in San Antonio and city officials have done a great job of surrounding it with other fun places to visit. You don’t have to visit the Alamo first when you get to San Antonio, but it absolutely has to be one of your stops. 


If you aren’t looking for anything specific to do during your visit to San Antonio then you need to spend some time on the Riverwalk. There are few places in the world like the Riverwalk, and you’ll be talking about your visit forever after you get back home. 

You can find so much to do on either side of the river, and you will always be able to step inside at one of the shops or grab a bite to eat. There are many different types of places along the Riverwalk, including some unique places that allow you to enjoy the culture of San Antonio.

If you wanted to plan your entire trip around the Riverwalk then that is absolutely something that you could do. 

San Antonio Zoo

A zoo is always a good place to visit on any trip, and the San Antonio Zoo is actually one of the best in the entire country. The top zoos in the United States are always compared against one another and the San Antonio Zoo tends to stand out among the rest of the competition. 

Since the weather in San Antonio is usually perfect year-round, there really isn’t a bad time to take a trip to check out the zoo. There are obviously some great animals to explore while there, but you can find some other great activities to enjoy as well. 

Ghost Tours

For some reason, San Antonio, Texas appears to have more ghost tours than other locations throughout the country. Doing a quick google search of top things to do in San Antonio will show you that there are some great companies that offer this type of activity.

It’s hard to guarantee that you are actually going to get to see any ghosts on one of these tours, but you are going to see some great historical sites. San Antonio has so much historical significance, and that includes some historic (and haunted) buildings. 


Texas is known to be a state that has a ton of fairs throughout the year, and you are going to find some of them in San Antonio as well. You are also going to see something else in San Antonio though as the city is known to have some great markets throughout the year.

Since you are going to be able to enjoy the weather and be outside, San Antonio sets up outdoor markets all over the city. Instead of going to a restaurant to eat some dinner, be sure to check out a market and enjoy food made by locals.

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