How to Have a Good Command on the Topic of Straight Lines?

A line is a linear figure which only possesses length and it has a no breath or thickness line is determined by flat and surface plane align is put together at the set of points that length and towards the direction opposite to each other till Infinity. The points which lie on the same line are known as collinear points will stop in mathematical geometry there are different kinds of lines vertical lines, horizontal lines, parallel lines, perpendicular lines etc. A straight line is aligned which is straight there is no deviation or any curve in it which is expanding on both sides without any width or thickness. Precisely line extending from both sides till Infinity is known as a straight lines. Mathematical geometry is worst it has numerous figures simple to complex and straight lines are classified into three types considering their alignments horizontal lines, oblique lines, vertical lines.


1) Horizontal lines are the ones that are drawn horizontally and are parallel to X-axis horizontal lines from a 0°angle or 180° angle with accesses and 90° or 270°angle with the Y-axis.

2) Vertical lines these lines are drawn vertically and perpendicular to the Y-axis forming an angle of 90°or 270° with X-axis or 0°angle or 180° angle with the why axis.

3) Oblique lines such lines are drawn in slanting position in such a way to form an angle other than 0° degrees, 90°, 180°, 270°. The 360° angle formed with a horizontal line or vertical lines is known as oblique lines.

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Straight lines equation is a linear equation straight line possesses the infinite length and they have no breath or thickness distance between the two lines can never be calculated as it is a one-dimensional figure numerous lines can pass through a single point but only a unique line passes through 2 points. The general equation of straight line is for example ab+cd+e=0 Where a,c,e are constants ,b,d are variables and slope is -a/b.Maths is all about the basics if your base foundation is strong then there would be no problem to be faced in future regarding any topic of maths whether it’s a complex topic or a very basic topic the foundation stone for learning maths should be strong Cuemath. Will help your child to have strong basics in maths at the comfort of the home.


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