How To Beat Electronic Bingo Slot Machines

Bing slot machines are one of the most popular gambling games out there. That’s because they are easy to learn and play even if you’re a novice and there are big jackpots to be won there.  There are many tutorials out there helping you win this game and explaining the important tips and tricks. 

Some of these can be rather useful if they focus on learning the game and making sure that you understand how the game actually works rather than providing a quick fix on how to beat it. 

What’s a Random Number Generator?


Bingo slot machines are based on a random numbers generator. That means that the results of the game will be randomized and there’s no pattern that you can chase. Many players believe that after a few bad games they need to end up getting a few good ones. 

However, there’s no such logic behind the game structure, and chasing losses can actually turn out quite bad for you since it can make you go into a spiral where you end up losing more and more while trying to fix the problem.

Return To Player


An important metric to be aware of when it comes to these games is known as return to player. It’s relatively easy to find out what return to player a certain game has since online reviews are providing that information. It refers to the amount you get back from a game in the course of playing it.

This is usually presented as a percentage. This means that if a game has a 97 return to player rate for every $100 you play you’ll get 97 back. The odds are always in favor of the casino. 



It’s also important to be aware of the volatility the game has. That’s about how risky it is or about how big of a chance it has to payout. It doesn’t always mean that the less volatile games are better for you as a play. In fact, if the game pays out a lot it means that the winnings are small.

At the same time, those electronic bingo machines that payout rarely usually have huge jackpots and may end up being more lucrative in the long run. As is the case with many other things, it’s a matter of balance. 

It Doesn’t Matter How Others Have Played


There’s a common misconception that if a player that played a game before has struck out a lot, there’s a chance that the game will pay once you start playing. There’s no basis for this and it’s a similar mistake to that made when chasing your losses. You’re just chasing someone else’s loss this time. 

There’s no reason to follow a player up since it won’t affect your chances at all. It’s also not important if you take a break from a slot machine and then get back to it. 

What Kind of Bonuses Does a Game Have?


Another important feature of a bingo slot machine is the bonuses that it provides. These bonuses can add up and help a new player when they need to get a head start on the game. Some bonuses are also useful for veteran players since they reward loyalty. 

It’s important, however, to be aware of the wagering requirements that are often attached to these bonuses since they can sometimes be hidden by the complicated language and they can take away from the bonus. In some cases, they make the bonuses too difficult to withdraw and they end up not being worth it. 

Different Types of Slot Bingos


There are many ways to divide bingo slots. They differ based on their aesthetic, themes, and design company. However, the most important of these divisions is about the number of balls the bingo machine has since it affects your chances more than anything else. 

Slots can range from 60 to 95 balls but there are both smaller and larger versions. New players would do best to start with something smaller at first and to move up to a more complicated game later on as they grasp the rules better.

Is there a Way to Cheat?


The internet is filled with promises of that sort and there are countless sites dedicated to explaining the one best kept secrete on how to cheat in bingo games. However, the truth is that there’s no such secret. There’s no way to cheat in these games and you can’t beat the system.

If the offer also requires you to make a payment of some sort that’s because it’s a scam and you should stay clear of such propositions since they are always false. Chances are you’ll never be able to get your money back. 

Play the Games That you Enjoy


There are a lot of statistics involved in making this call and a lot of planning. All of that is important and you should take it into account but in the end, you should consider playing games that you actually love. That way you’ll play the game longer and enjoy it even when it’s not going your way. 

In many cases, this will be about the theme and the aesthetic of the game rather than the features or the chances it provides. There’s nothing wrong with this and you should choose based on the features that are important to you.

To Sum Up


There’s no one clear way to beat slot games even though many claims there is. The game is based on a random number generator and that means that there are no patterns to it whatsoever. This makes it about the way the game is set up and not about anything you do. 

It’s important to know how volatile the game is and what is the return to player. These statistics will help you figure out what your real chances are. There’s no point in chasing losses since the game doesn’t work like that it won’t reward you after a few losses. 


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