Buying a Winter Sweater? Top Ways to Style It! 

Buying a Winter Sweater? Top Ways to Style It! 

Winter sweaters for women are undoubtedly the favorite piece of winter wear for all fashion divas out there. As the sweater weather is going to be in full swing quite soon, it is important to know about the best ways to style your sweaters for the upcoming winter season.  

The sweater season is almost here. It implies that it is high time to pull out all the cozy knits. The best aspect about sweaters for women is that you can pair it with anything -from skirts to trousers to leggings. As soon as you start loving your sweater look, it starts feeling like an old friend. However, if you wish to take your sweater look a notch up without putting in much effort, we have got you covered. 

How to Style a Classic Winter Look with Winter Sweaters? 

The best thing about winter sweaters for women is that you get access to a wide range of designer pieces -available in different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. When you search for sweaters for women online at a reputed store like Glamly, you will be spoilt with immense choices. You have access to apparel from international brands like Madame, Camla Barcelona, and mSecret. Whether you choose pullover sweaters or turtleneck sweaters, here are some innovative ways to spruce up your winter style: 

#Throw in a Designer Scarf 

Yes, it is as simple as throwing in a stylish scarf to uplift your overall look with a classic sweater. You can end up wearing the same sweater for the third time in a row. Still, you can look forward to effectively hiding this fact by only putting up a scarf on top of your sweater.  

Take cues from the quirky, chunky, or cable-knit scarves to style up the sweater look. You can complete the look by putting on your favorite sunglasses and dabbing on some light lip tint.  

#Layer Over a Buttoned Shirt 

It is a great classic look that will make you appear sophisticated and chic at the same time. You can adorn your favorite buttoned shirt -preferably white. Layer a designer sweater on top of it to feel its warmth. Pull out the collar of your shirt along with the sleeves and its tail.  

You can even consider rolling the cuffs of the sleeves of the shirt over the cuffs of the sweater to enhance the modern look. Pair the look with classic skinny jeans and cool sneakers. 

#Belt It Up 

If you have oversized sweaters, you can tame them effectively while stepping out in unparalleled style wherever you go. If you wish to achieve a well-defined look with your oversized sweater, you can secure a designer belt around the torso. 

A belt-up look will help in accentuating or creating an hourglass figure. For the bottoms, you should look out for something that is form-fitting. Skinny jeans will help in enhancing the natural shape of your body. At the same time, bootcuts will hug your hips and thighs. This helps in flaring out to offer your body even more curvature. 

#Pair Up with Classic Jeans 

Sweaters with jeans is a classic outfit option that you could daydream about -especially on a chilly day. The look of a stylish sweater with jeans never goes out of fashion. It is because it is made up of simple, foundational, and basic wardrobe essentials. 

You can go ahead with curating a look that is all on your own by trying out statement accessories -like headbands or bold handbags while experimenting with the best trends of the season.  

#Keep Layering 

While some might regard it as a summer garment -especially when styled with a tank top or a crop top, the overalls actually tend to be season-less. You can throw up a pair of classic sweaters for ensuring an instant style solution. 

You can dress up the entire look with ankle booties and strappy heels while even experimenting with outerwear. For instance, you can think of trying on a tailored blazer or a leather jacket to keep up the fair game. If you wish to keep things casual throughout, you can opt for a classic sneaker. 

#With Skirts 

Bulky sweaters and form-hugging skirts tend to complement each other. You can go ahead with tucking the chunky top right in front of the skirt. You should not hesitate in experimenting with varying hem lengths.  

Embrace your bare leg while it is still warm outside. Then, you can think ogf introducing tights as the temperatures start cooling down. As far as footwear is concerned, the higher the boot, shorter the skirt. At the same time, anything knee-length or even longer will appear the best with ankle booties, sneakers, or flats. 


There are several more ways of styling your sweater. You can shop for designer sweaters in different styles and colors from Glamly and improve your winter closet.