Buy Your Dream House with Low-Interest Home Loans and Discounts This Diwali.

Are you planning to invest in the real estate sector lately? If that’s so, there couldn’t be a better time than Diwali. Diwali is a festival of lights, positivity, and new beginnings. So, why not purchase a property during this Diwali season? It is surely a great new positivity and progress to bring into your life this year. You will be glad to know that are many individuals who buy properties during this festive season. One possible reason for this could be that the real estate market is loaded with huge discounts, the best housing loan plans, and varied offers. You may not believe it, but it is indeed true! Other than these, several other perks come with buying a dream house this season. Are you interested in knowing about the benefits? Let’s proceed!


1) You get attractive offers: Have you heard about the Great festive Sales? If not this, you may surely have seen many shops with huge discount tags and posters while passing on the road. If you notice keenly, all of this is major during Diwali. Be it clothes, appliances, or any kind of service – offers are covered everywhere during the festival of lights. Similarly, the real estate market has various discounts and reductions during this festival. This compels the buyer to purchase the house without giving it a thought. Not just this, you can also get low EMI options, less interest home loan policies, cashback, no stamp duty, and many other concessions. Well, this is still not enough! There are a few more advantages on the way.


2) You get the highest returns: Real-estate investment is an evergreen investment as it is very profitable. There is a minute risk of a loss here – the probability of it is almost 0.5%. Imagine purchasing a dream house today with a low-interest home loan plan and selling it after fifteen years for an upgrade, or glance through the past and see the property in which you live today. Was it of the same value back then? No, right! 

Real estate is always money-making, no matter what. After all, who knows that you reap a profit more than the interest you paid during the home purchase? Loan, stamp duty, registrations, broker fee, and every other charge will be covered under that return.


3) You get a brand new house: Many people are skeptical about buying and living in a house that is already used by someone. If you are also among them, you got to break the ice this Diwali as many new launches and projects begin during this time. Are you wondering how this could be of benefit to you? Buying a property in new projects makes you the first person in the market by which you crack a deal at fairly low rates. Also, you get the best home loan offers when the stone is just laid. The only thing to keep in mind while purchasing new launches is that be a little cautious and ensure that there are no mistakes in your paperwork. Plus, only buy from genuine realtors!


4) You get everlasting prosperity: As kids, we have always listened to our parents saying us to do all types of ‘shubh’ work on ‘shubh’ days. And now that you are planning for your dream house, what could be a better benefit than having everlasting prosperity? Trust us; this is the best decision you will ever make for yourself and your family. Prosperity can come to you in any form. For instance, what if you get the cheapest home loan plan on your new flat or no stamp duty charges during the purchase? Wouldn’t you be happy and satisfied? In short, buying a house on this auspicious festival will bear you fruits not only financially but also emotionally – and that is what matters in the end! 


5) You get the best deals: You won’t ever regret buying a home on Diwali. Do you know why? Because it has the best deals! Many developers sell their properties at huge discounts, such as not paying the EMI for a year or paying slab-wise. Also, some may even take a part of the money until the possession is transferred. This gives you the freedom to plan your finances. On this basis, you can customize your home loan and ask your home loan finance company to adjust the repayment tenure accordingly.

Not just this, at times, you may also get free electrical appliances, gold coins, overseas tours, and also free parking. You will also find great deals on home loans that shall surely be affordable to you. All you got to do is search for a home loan online, apply, read the prerequisites, and complete the payment procedures. Isn’t it easy? 


6) You get reduced prices: By now, we have talked enough about extra perks like less interest, home loan offers, fewer charges, free parking, and so on. But how about saving a chunk of money? Tempting, right? Diwali is the time when you can save money on buying properties. A lot of developers focus on selling their unsold inventories during this festive period. They avail huge discounts on it or reduce their price to a great extent. You can take advantage of this move and get a property at reduced prices. By this, the developer empties his stock of properties and focuses on new launches while you can enjoy your dream home with the saved money.


Summing Up:

This is the first Diwali after the end of the pandemic. We all have had our new beginnings. Let’s make this beginning full of advancement with a dream home. Choose the best housing loan plan to get the maximum amount of benefit. Ensure that the loan plan is flexible and hassle-free, i.e., it shouldn’t create any kind of stress for you later. Also, remember to read all the clauses before you sign the dotted lines, as buying a house is a big deal. There is no scope for mistakes here! We wish you all the best and a very Happy Diwali!  

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