9 Awesome Birthday Cakes Ideas For Kids


Birthday celebrations are habitual to showering loved ones with love and presents, which offer the best chance for anyone to make cherishable moments. If your child’s birthday is near the corner, funny yet sweet birthday cakes for your kid will make the best of recollections and strengthen your relationship. The best part about cakes is that they can customize from the ingredients to the ultimate cherry-on-top decorations.

With amazing delicious cakes from which to pick, you can save a significant amount of time from pillar to post & easily cake delivery online. In this blog, we share nine unusual yet sweet birthday cakes for your kid. Read on.


Ice Cream Cake

Kids adore cake. They also enjoy ice cream. So what can be better than blending these two elements to give the kids a perfect birthday ice cream cake as a wonderment? Cool, sweet, and fun, the ice cream cake is available in various online cake stores in many flavors and themes. Just pick your kid’s favorite and see them devour it in no time.


 2-tier jungle themed cake

If your child is a fan of Mowgli, Simba, Timon & Pumba, or Jungle book, among different cartoons that feature animals, then you can overwhelm him or her with 2-tier jungle-themed cartoon cakes. The cake will be finished with multi-colored icing and animal figurines made using fondant.

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Peppa Pig M&M Cake

A pink cake with some artistic M&M enhancements on top; simple as that. It’s simple to create a Peppa Pig cake thanks to this post by Two Sister Crafting. Even if you can’t access the strangely-colored M&Ms, you can simply substitute the toppings for Smarties or any different colored chocolates! A real swift win if you don’t have time to spend hours on a cake, plus Peppa Pig is always popular so there’s a good possibility your little one will be happy.


Unicorn Cake

The bright, dreamy unicorn cake is loved by little girls and has been quite famous as a birthday cake for kids for the past few years. You can even change things up a little and order rainbow cake online which is outfitted as a unicorn from the outside. Just think of the delight on your child’s face when she cuts it! A mysterious wonder indeed.


Baby shower cake

The baby shower is thought of as a party to prepare for the birth of a baby and transform a lady into motherhood. It also establishes the pace for future birthday celebrations as the photos of the cake and occasion are a gem.

So, make it a point to place the bar high by ordering an appealing baby shower cake online that looks like a real baby is taking a nap.

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Digger Cake

Love at Eats Amazing shows how you can change almost any chocolate cake into a digger cake, in no time at all. All you want is a chocolate cake (can even be shop-bought), chocolate frosting, and a chocolate bar or couple, as well as some mini digger toys! Simple and effective.


Chota Bheem cake

If you are hunting for a happy birthday cake for a baby boy, then hunt no further than the Chota Bheem cake. This hilarious and lip-smacking cake is adorned with a cartoon character of the popular Chota Bheem.

You can also have customizations like attaching a theme background to the photo and bright edible sprinkles on the sides of the cake.


Funfetti Cake

A funfetti cake is a lovely cake packed and sprinkled with colorful confetti all over. It is a vanilla sponge cake full of confetti or sprinkles which is sliced into discs & then stacked alternately with whipped cream or icing. The funfetti cake stands right to its name and is certain to make your kid’s birthday enjoyable and memorable.


Kungfu panda fun

Is your kid training to be the next dragon warrior, or he or she is learning the moves from the Kungfu Panda movie? Let this birthday be a pleasure with the Kung Fu Panda Fun cake – it comes with a decoration of the extreme five.

Make the best impact on your kid and choose their favorite flavors and characters in the movie.



The birthday cake choices, as mentioned above, will help you get the best impact on your child. Get the right one that resonates with your child’s favorites.

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