What Makes A Good Video Template?


If you’re looking to take the easy route to video creation, then using templates is your best bet. There are several free video maker software available today that offer various layouts you can use for your video. Templates make it easy to create memorable videos for any purpose.

A good video quality draws more audience to your brand, starting from choosing a good template. You can find video templates in some video editing software online, such as promo.com, Animoto, and the likes. Most importantly, you need to consider the type of video you’re making before choosing the template to use. Doing this will help you create a video you can be proud of. Since templates make video creation simple and save time, how do you know the right one to choose? Platforms that offer templates usually have dozens available, making it hard for users to choose. In this post, we’ll go over the important details to consider when picking a template in your free video maker software.

Why Use Free Video Maker Templates

  1. It’s Super Fast

With video templates, editors can create stunning videos within minutes. The aim of using templates is to simplify the process and make video creation easy for newbies. Thanks to the music, pictures, and other elements present in video editing tools, these ready-made templates can be customized.

2. Easy Of Use

As aforementioned, the main aim of templates is to make the video creation and editing process simple. You don’t even need to have design skills to create your videos. Most video editing software online is very user-friendly, with tools that are easily accessible. Similarly, popular free video makers like promo.com are easy to navigate, and no editing knowledge is needed to use the platform.

3. It’s Cost-effective

Instead of hiring video editor and spending huge sums on every video, you can use simple templates to cook up stunning videos yourself. Additionally, it’s more cost-effective; all you need is your monthly subscription. Using video editors is by far the most budget-friendly way of creating video for your brand or social media.

What Makes A Good Template

1. Customizations

The ability to add your footage, pictures, music, transitions, and others should be the first thing to look out for. To produce a nicely finished video, you need a video editor that lets you personalize its templates. After all, you aim to make videos that tell your stories accurately.

Promo.com is one of those video editing tools with easily customizable templates. You can drag and drop your footage and pictures into the template, then edit to your taste. Furthermore, templates are well organized in categories like party video templates, sales video templates, and more.

2. Text Overlays

With sharp text overlays, you can bring out the beauty of your video and make it grab attention quickly. You need a template that allows you easily add and customize texts. Well-animated text can potentially grab viewers’ attention and keep them watching for as long as possible.

Additionally, some templates come with pre-animated text, and all you need to do is edit it. Just type over the text using the built-in tool and watch your text come to life within the video. Whether you want to keep it simple or maximize its use, texts are a great way to start conversations around your video or show off business offerings. More so, you also use text features to provide captions and subtitles to make your video more memorable.

3. Transitions

Whether you’re making a normal video or a montage, chances are it doesn’t contain just one cut. When creating a video from different clips or footage, using a template with smooth transitions is vital. You wouldn’t want your viewers to feel irritated by sharp divisions between video sequences. Transition effects act as a glue that joins clips together to make it feel like one story.

Using a quality free video maker online, you can execute video clip transition so well that it won’t be easily noticed. Sophisticated video transitions can be used in ad videos, explainer videos, and social media videos, among others. So when choosing a template, pick one with a great transition that’ll smoothly guide viewers from the video section to another.

4. Aspect Ratio

Your chosen video template has to have the right frame size and resolution for the type of video you want to make. Also, note that different platforms have their aspect ratio specification for videos. To optimize your video for maximum performance, it needs to follow the resolution requirements of the platform you’re looking to use it on.

Some free video maker software provides letterbox templates, vertical templates, and other popularly used aspect ratios. When choosing a template to use, also consider the aspect ratio of the display screen where it’ll finally be played.

5. Color Personalization

Everyone loves a video well-designed with a splash of colour. Similarly, to create awareness for your business, you need to include brand colours in your videos. A good template should allow colour customizations for times when you want to go all out and get colourful. However, when adding colours to your video, remember that they appeal to emotions and should be used calculatedly.

To sum it up, video content creators and editors looking for a free video maker to use should always assess the types of templates available. Templates make the video creation work significantly easier and also help improve video quality. The few things we’ve mentioned in this piece should be considered when choosing the template to use.