What are the Benefits of RCMC Registration in India?

RCMC registration online is a dedicated membership certificate with EPC (Export Promotion Council) or Commodities Board of India. It is a compulsory registration specification according to the foreign trade policy of the nation towards claiming export benefits within the country. RCMC implies Registration Cum Mandatory Certificate. 

RCMC Mandatory Requirements 

RCMC stands a mandatory form of registration for individuals who might be applying for: 

  • Any concession or benefit under the FTP or Foreign Trade Policy like duty credit scripts, duty drawback, and others. 
  • An authorization to export or import restricted items 

Registering RCMC Online in India 

The product line of your company will help in determining whether or not you are required to register with the RCMC in the nation. The registration process of every export promotion council is unique. 

However, some of the basic steps required for registration in India are: 

  • Select Export Promotion Council: The first step is concerned with selecting the right EPC or Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board in India. Once you are specific about the particular product line, you can advance to the next step. 
  • Go ahead with filling out the application form and attaching a document: Once you have selected the EPC, it is suggested to complete the application form while attaching necessary documents. In India, the IEC or Import Export Code is mandatory while applying for RCMC. 
  • Ensure RCMC application: You can go ahead with RCMC application online to complete the registration process. 

What Documents are Needed for RCMC Registration Online? 

Some of the important documents required for RCMC registration online are: 

  • IEC Code registration certificate 
  • Additional documents that are dependent on the products or services 
  • Registration proof like COI or Partnership 

Requirements for RCMC Registration Online in India 

The main specification for RCMC is the presence of the IEC (Import Export Code). Without this relevant requirement, the process of RCMC registration cannot start. In addition to this, the fees of applying for RCMC will vary. It will ultimately depend on the type of EPC or Export Promotion Council. It is also important to keep the following points in mind: 

  • Fees related to RCMC registration are determined by the revenue of the previous year of the company 
  • The category under which you will accept registrations -like four stars, five stars, and so on 
  • If the product line is not complete until now, you should go ahead to register with FIEO 

What are the Benefits of RCMC Registration in India? 

  • Registration with the RCMC will enable you to claim relevant export benefits 
  • Assisting in the establishment of international connections 
  • It allows you to conduct targeted product research 
  • International market possibilities 
  • There are specific advantages according to the EPC or Export Promotion Council of India  
  • Offering you the benefit of the community across the world 

What is the Validity of RCMC Registration in India? 

The RCMC is expected to be valid from 1st April of the licensing year in which RCMC registration was issued while being valid for another 5 years to end on 31st March of the respective licensing year. Otherwise, the validity of RCMC registration can be specified. 

Applying for RCMC Registration for Exporters 

A dedicated application with the respective EPC or Export Promotion Council will be filed with the help of the ANF 2C form. The exporter can be effectively registered under two classifications -manufacturing exporter and merchant exporter. 

When you go ahead with the option of manufacturing exporter, you should submit a proof of the same.  

In addition to this, some of the important points to keep in mind during RCMC registration are: 

  • As you apply for RCMC, as an exporter, you are expected to declare the main line of business. Moreover, the RCMC is expected to be obtained from the EPC (Export Promotion Council) depending on the specific line of business. For instance, if you are dealing with the export of coconuts, then you will fall under the category of Coconut Development Board. 
  • If you are not covered by any specific EPC (Export Promotion Council), then you can think of applying at FIEO or Federation of Indian Exporters Organization. 
  • Moreover, in case of exporters of multiple products, not registered by Export Promotion Council, or wherein the particular line of business is yet expected to be settled, then the exporter will have the option of obtaining RCMC from FIEO.  
  • In case of exporters of multiple products featuring the registered office or head office in north-eastern states, you can think of obtaining RCMC from Forest and Shellac Products EPC. 


To assist an exporter with RCMC registration, it is crucial to specify the core business line for the Export Promotion Council. FIEO authorization is required for issuing the RCMC in the category of multiple products. Specifying the core business line or source with the respective EPC is mandatory. 

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