The Best of Indian-Pakistani Cricket Rivalry: Iconic Moments.

The Best of India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

What is sports without rivalry? Let me guess; it’s just a mere game. The Celtic-Rangers rivalry in basketball, the Mohammed Ali-Joe Fraizer rivalry in boxing, and the Barcelona-Real Madrid el Clasico in football are all iconic rivalries that make loving sports a worthy endeavor. Face-offs between these loggerheads are what every fan lives for, as they come with an elevated degree of passion and intensity. 

One iconic and intense rivalry that cannot be left out of this conversation is the historical and never-ending Indian-Pakistan cricket rivalry. Matches between these two nations are always hotter than spice; they are games we would never miss for anything as cricket fans. These games guarantee a healthy dose of cricket and brilliant individual performances from both ends.

The India vs Pakistan cricket rivalry has been burning for decades now. But what makes their rivalry always stand out among all other rivalries is the fact that it extends beyond the pitch. The partition of British India, the Indo-Pakistani wars, the Kashmir conflict, and other tense relationship histories between these two nations who had once shared a common cricketing heritage all contribute to the fierce nature of the encounter between them. 

Players from the two sides always face intense pressure when going into these matches, as failure to win usually attracts a hostile fan reaction. However, despite this rivalry’s intense and hostile nature, it has sometimes been a tool for diplomacy between the two nations. For example, cricket was essential in normalizing relations between India and Pakistan after the 1971 war. Subsequent matches between the two nations have been an avenue for leaders in both nations to exchange visits and for fans from either country to travel to the other to watch the matches. 

Overall, the two sides have met 202 times, with India winning 71 and Pakistan winning 88. The match ended in a tie 43 times. Let us revisit some of the most memorable moments from the past between these two cricket-crazy nations.

Sharjah, 1986

The 1986 final of the Austral-Asia ODI tournament saw Pakistan emerge victorious by just one wicket. The exciting thing about the match was that Pakistan never looked like they were in the race, as they kept losing wickets consecutively. Judging from Pakistan’s performance in the match, India seemed to have another victory secured following their victorious outing in the last edition of the competition in 1984. However, Javed Miandad had other plans as he scored a final-ball six to win the game for Pakistan, much to the disappointment of the Indian players and fans. The right-handed batsman scored a total of 116 from just 114 deliveries and capped it off with the final-ball heroics, which will go down in history as one of the most iconic performances in the history of the rivalry. 

Karachi, 2004

The remarkable thing about this match is that it was the first time Pakistan would host a match between these two countries in fifteen years. The match was definitely one of the finest between the two countries, as the two sides showed an excellent display of batting and bowling that resulted in a thrilling result. The match, however, ended up favoring the Indian side despite being on the Pakistan tuff.

Centurion, 2003

This was one of the several matches where the fans were again at the mercy of Sachin Tendulkar’s brilliance. It had been almost three years since India and Pakistan last locked horns in a One-day International match. Therefore, despite other high-profile teams in the world cup that year, the clash between these two rival nations stood out again. 

The game lived up to its expectation as it once again gave fans a fine display of cricket. Indian ended up winning the match by six wickets. One player that stood out in this clash was Sachin Tendulkar. The right-handed batsman ended the game by scoring a blistering 98 from 75 balls and delivering victory on a platter to India. 

Chennai, 1999

The first Test of the 1999 Chennai three-match series was one of the several matches in which Pakistan showed grit. Many might argue that Sachin Tendulkar’s early dismissal from the match due to back pain might have given Pakistan a little leeway. However, with Pakistan’s fighting spirit, they ended up eking out a 12-run victory on the Indian tuff.  

Pakistan’s brilliant display in that match won the hearts of the spectators, and despite the age-long rivalry between the two sides, the Pakistan side walked off the pitch to a standing ovation from the home fans.

Chennai, 1997

This legendary clash will be remembered for Saeed Anwar’s brilliant performance. The left-handed Pakistani batsman ended the match with the then-ODI world-record score of 194, which saw him break Sir Viv Richards’ long-standing record of 189. The exciting part is that he did this in only 146 deliveries. 

Saeed Anwar’s brilliant performance helped the Pakistan side win by 35 runs. This outstanding display earned him several adulations from different cricket legends. In fact, legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar described the innings as one of the best he’d ever witnessed. 


The India-Pakistan age-old cricket rivalry remains one of history’s most renowned sports rivalries. In over 200 matches between these two sides, we have witnessed a lot of classic moments that will live on in the sport’s history. Visit a reputable betting site like Parimatch to bet on cricket or any of your favorite sports.