Positive and negative side of having a life partner

It seems like the world is running on a mission for their true love. But is a life partner required? Or living alone is alright. If you are thinking that you need a life partner and searching for the best matrimonial sites and are unable to finalize anything because of the confusion of getting married. 


Why there is a need for a life partner

Let us discuss why there is a need to ask such a question, it is your life, and you might somewhere know what you need- Shelter, food, air, water, etc. but a life partner. The major reason for the origination of this question is because of societal pressure which is common from the beginning. 

Marriage is a long-term commitment to a person which I considered to be a norm in most of Indian society. Marriage is a second name for settling down in life, having a family or traveling the world seems to be what the world is striving for. 



Advantages of having a life partner


  • By default dependent: when you are coming home at the end of a hectic day there needs to be someone who is waiting for you with all the love. There should be one to talk about your boss, the traffic, or some target deadlines. 
  • Sharing all your bad and good: Punjabi matrimonials are true to their nature thus always ready to stand up for your bad and good times. Sharing good things with others feels great but sharing bad is a matter of the heart which could be done with the soul partner.
  • Never be alone: most people love to be with themselves and spend their time together but after having a partner you realize what you are missing before. There is nothing wrong with living alone and feeling lonely sometimes. But you could feel lonely with a life partner, you also have someone to hold you back.


After discussing the major benefits of having a partner let’s have words on the disadvantages of sharing a life with someone when you are not ready to be with anyone.


Disadvantages of having a life partner

  • Feel free: freedom is one thing some people could not live without. And although sharing your life with someone after marriage does not mean giving away your freedom, it does stop you from doing anything you wanted at some point.
  • Less guilty: dating someone bad and feeling guilty for canceling plans to stay at home and watch your favorite show. If you have your life partner you may cancel plans, not feel bad, and make plans for anything. 
  • Need not worry: if you have anyone in life with you then you have someone to worry about. That may be sad news, but for those who want to focus on happiness and happiness alone, it could be quite a benefit.
  • Less heartbreak: this is the big thing, without taking the risk of sharing your life and falling in love with anyone.