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About Wayanad 

Among the most popular major attractions in India includes Kerala’s Wayanad region, which is situated high in the scenic Western Ghats. The majority of Wayanad is covered in thick woods, and the region is a part of said Nigiri Biosphere Reserve. It is indeed a haven for nature lovers with a variety of locations to discover. The serene forested hamlet is encircled by that of the Wildlife Sanctuary somewhat on the east, as well as the Ambukuthi Hills just on the south, plus the Vellarimala hills of location, Kozhikode and indeed the known Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu on each side bringing an abundant supply of beauty all around. 

The following Wayanad guidebook might assist you in planning your Wayanad Tour by giving you crucial knowledge about the area. 

How to Get to Wayanad 


  • Through Flight: Wayanad is situated approximately 95 kilometers from Calicut Airport Terminal in Karipur. This is also referred to as Kozhikode Airport and is located the closest to Wayanad. It takes roughly 3 hours to get from Kozhikode towards Wayanad. 
  • Using a train: There are no direct train connections to Wayanad. Nevertheless, you can complete the travel by car after arriving at the closest train station in Kozhikode (approximately 85 kilometers beyond Wayanad). 
  • Through the Road: Wayanad is well connected by road to numerous locations in Kerala as well as Karnataka. Hence, taking a personal cab is a simple way to get to Wayanad. Wayanad is additionally connected to significant cities including Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, and Mysore via KSRTC bus lines. Bus service to Wayanad might be an affordable choice for budget-conscious tourists and travelers. 


What Season Is Best for Visiting Wayanad? 

Since Wayanad has a variety of attractions depending on the season, visitors come here all year round. Even though it is hot throughout the summer, its temperature is still much lower than that in Kerala’s plains. Likewise, you might choose to explore Wayanad during the monsoon season when the area turns lush green due to the region’s abundant flora and fauna. Nevertheless, winter is the greatest and most popular season of the year to visit Wayanad. Throughout late November through early February, the winter might endure. The best time to experience Wayanad’s different locations is right now. In the wintertime, Wayanad offers a variety of activities, including camping, hiking, wildlife exploration, and photography. 

Additionally, you can enjoy the culinary delights via discovering the inhabitants of Wayanad’s typical cuisine. You can sample some regional cuisine while visiting Wayanad, like Sambhar, Rasam, Moru Koottan, and Poricha Koottu. 

Top Wayanad Tourist Attractions 


  • Island of Kuruva:  This 950-acres of Kuruva Island, also called Kuruvadweep, is located along the banks of the tributary of said Kabini river. A trio of islands with thick woods, in addition to a few subsidiary islands, constitute this protected river delta. There are unique bird species, medicinal plants, and an absence of people there in the river delta. 
  • Chembra Peak: This is the tallest peak in Wayanad, rising 2,100 meters above the said sea level. The main attraction is the tiny lake with a heart-shaped bottom. Treks to the mountain are organized by the forest department and pass past beautiful coffee fields. 
  • Edakkal Caves: These are among the most well-known Wayanad travel destinations that are frequently visited by visitors. Interesting engravings on the interior cave walls are thought to have been created by Neolithic man circa 6,000 BCE. This prehistoric site may be of appeal to you when you enjoy history. 

Places to Stay 

The beautiful surroundings of something a resort which can be the ideal escape from the hectic city life. A lot of Wayanad’s tourist attractions are located close to popular hotels and resorts. The properties here boast cutting-edge facilities and amenities in order to provide you with an unrivaled vacation. Wayanad may be the ideal location for you when you enjoy seeing small towns with stunning natural scenery. Pack your baggage, then use this guidebook to embark on something like a Wayanad tour. 

What is its claim to fame? 

Wayanad is genuinely a “green paradise” because of its lush terrain, waterfalls, agreeable climate, and unusual flora as well as fauna. The area is also worth visiting because of its famous heritage. The district and indeed the nearby Chaliyar valley were formerly known for its goldfields, and the area had a significant gold rush mostly in the 1800s. In addition, historians have found traces of human habitation in the area as well as its surrounding areas going back at least Ten centuries BC. Additionally, there is proof of said New Stone Age culture.

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