India’s Most Popular Roulette Game for 2022

Roulette has always been one of the most popular gambling games in India. That’s because it’s a western game and it’s always been associated with the glamor of the casinos. It’s also a game that requires both luck and skills and that’s an important balance. 

Here’s a list of roulette games that are especially popular with players in India. Our list isn’t comprehensive but it covers the most important games based on how liked they are and what kind of features they have to offer. 

Genesis Casino

Genesis casinos offer India’s most popular roulette game and much more, which is why it’s always ranked as one of the most well-liked casinos in India. It has over 42 different roulette games with a variety of themes and betting rules. The games are available on mobile devices and a site. 

It also has a lot of live events that you can join, and these are all the rage in the industry lately. It also features great bonuses with over 20 free spins for new players, and 30.000 tokens you can use and redeem later in accordance with the waging requirements. 

Royal Panda

Royal Panda is another casino made to bring roulettes and other games to Indian players. The welcome bonus starts with 100.000 tokens and there are ten free spins as well. The casino offers 31 different roulette games and 9 different live events. There are also 16 different games you could play on a mobile app available for both major operating systems. 

Royal Panda is made for Indian players because it allows for major Indian payment methods and you can make a deposit in Rupees as well as in other currencies. It aims to go beyond the Indian market, however.

Betway Casino

Betway is another casino that has a lot to offer in terms of bonuses. It’s considered to be a casino for those with more modest means and it usually attracts players based on its small bets and low minimums. The casino doesn’t offer free spins but it does offer 90.000 tokens for every new player.

There are 9 live events and 31 different roulette games you can try. It’s also expanding towards the mobile market with 11 new games available to these players only. If you’re looking to have fun rather than win big, it’s the option for you.

Johny Jackpot 

Jonny Jackpot is a casino with a big bonus offering and one that’s made for roulette players from both India and around the world. It has an initial bonus of 100.000 tokens and it also features free spins. There are 100 free spins available which make it the biggest bonus casino on our list.

There are 17 different roulette games available and 11 live events as well. It also has 11 roulette games that you can play on your mobile device since this is where a majority of young players are going these days.


Karamba is a small casino and less popular than others on our list but it still deserves to be on, due to how good its offer is. It’s especially generous in terms of its welcome package. It has a bonus of 20.000 tokens for every new player and one hundred free spins as well. 

There are 40 different roulette games available on this site and these range widely in their aesthetics and rules. There are also 33 live events. It’s a better offer than some made by large casinos. This casino is going to pop on the market soon.

22 Bet

22 Bet is another big name in the industry both when it comes to roulettes and other games as well. It’s also open to many different Indian banks and payment methods as well as to payments in Rupees. The welcome bonus is set at 25.000 tokens and there are no free spins. 

It’s a casino very heavily oriented towards roulette games – it has over 58 of them as well as 50 live events. In this regard, it can be said that it outperforms most of the other casinos on our list simply by its size and the complexity of its offer. 


It’s another smaller casino less known to the general audience but one that’s climbing the charts due to how much it has to offer. There are over 30 roulette games in it now, and 16 live events that you can choose from. It’s up there with the best of them.

The initial deposit made as a bonus for new players is somewhat lower than it can be. It’s about 160.000 tokens that you can use with wagering requirements attached but there are no free spins at all. Chances are that this offer will improve as the casino grows. 


Fun88 has a large offer of roulettes and a good bonus policy. Even though it’s new and small it has a lot to offer and chances are that it will grow and find its audience in India and also beyond it. The casino has quite a lot of different roulette games – 88 different roulettes and 65 different live events. 

The initial bonus is 300 percent of what you deposit when you sign up for the casino, which is a somewhat different approach to that of other casinos on our list. It also has games on both mobile devices and on the site itself. 


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