5 Underrated Ruskin Bond Books

5 Underrated Ruskin Bond Books


Ruskin Bond is a prolific Anglo-Indian English writer whose work spans from fictional stories for little children to murder mysteries for adults as well non-fiction work. He is without a doubt, regarded as one of the best children’s authors in India. His literary contributions have brought in several prestigious awards. 


His books are famous for having picturesque settings deep within nature with heartwarming characters and the deep-rooted innocence of little children. His writing is known for evoking nostalgia in his readers, for their own childhood antics. 


He is a writer who has forayed into several genres ranging from horror to romance and poetry. His book Susanna’s Seven Husbands which was turned into the movie 7 Khoon Maaf is a brilliant thriller. 


Beyond the famous Ruskin Bond books for kids, here is a list of top 5 underrated Ruskin Bond books that you just cannot miss.


#1. When the Tiger was King 

This book is an anthology of several short stories. It is about the time when tigers roamed the Indian sub-continent without fear of either man or beast. Our beloved Mr Bond writes some of the most interesting stories revolving around tigers. It is a proper tribute to the striped beasts of India.


#2. Rusty, the boy from the hills

This book tells the stories of Rusty, an imaginative and soulful boy who lives in his grandparents’ house in pre-Independence Dehradun. Even though he is marked for the ordinary, his life is full of the wildest twists and turns that promise to make a good tale in old age. 

The book follows the most exciting years in Ruskin Bond’s life – early childhood to young adolescence. Since it is not quite rooted in facts, it is his own personal story with a slight twist.


#3. Maharani

This book is the story of Neena, the spoilt entitled beautiful and ageing widow of the Maharaja of Mastipur. After the death of her husband, she inherited a great deal of money and the whole book focuses on her antics. It is a delightful book about love, death and friendship.


#4. Death under the Deodars

It is a story about good old Mrs Ripley Bean and how she accidentally witnesses a murder and how she continues to live her life without coming to the crosshairs of the murderer. Mr Bond’s writing is gripping and you absolutely will not be able to put the book down till you get to the end.


#5. The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories 

It is a collection of 30 or so lovely short stories from Ruskin Bond. This collection of simple, heart-warming stories will take you on a journey to Dehradun and Mussoorie. In this book, there is the story of a boy who sees a girl on the platform of Deoli station. He burns with an intense desire to meet her but he is unsure of whether he will be able to find her again.


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