5 Hot Tips to Sell Your Bike and Make More Money than Expected! Must Read For You 

Many commoners love to sell bikes or exchange them for new ones. It is pretty simple to dispose of a used bike in the tech-savvy world that we all reside in. Bike sell is not a tough job, and a systematic approach and step will help you grab better results. If you sell an old bike to a dealer, getting duped is high with the price. But if you choose an online platform, it becomes easier. It is necessary to sell the used bike to a trusted platform; all you require to do is to sell it and enjoy the motorcycle sold price. 


The bike fanatics love all the second hand two-wheelers if they own the latest models. Often an eager biker buys a used motorcycle at a low price to enjoy the same riding experience. To sell a 2 wheeler to such an enthusiastic person is your luck. Today, selling an old bike is quick and hassle-free. Simply uploading the bike images and self-inspecting the used bike is made possible by the top brands dealing with second hand two-wheelers. As a seller, if you have a well-maintained and well-preserved motorcycle, then you’ll surely fetch a reasonable price. 


Tips to Sell Two-Wheeler for Good Money 


1: Make your bike look presentable- An essential thing that one needs to remember while they put up a two-wheeler for sale is that it has to look presentable. First impressions are imperative, and they set the idea and attract the buyer to buy a used scooty from Bangalore. It is recommended to properly clean your bike or a used scooty to make it look presentable before you put it up for sale. If necessary, change the external parts with the genuine spare parts. Keep the service papers for full proof. 


2: Upload the used bike images- As you upload the bike ad, it is of paramount importance. Give a proper title for it. The user will be able to open the ad seeing the impressive title. Make it short and even more descriptive. If you choose a platform to sell bikes, it would not require you to take pictures of your motorcycle separately; instead, there is no point in sharing impressive bike images if the brand takes the necessary steps. 


3: Prospective buyers with good bike condition-  If your bike is in good condition, there is no point for you to struggle; it will indeed get sold. It would be best to sell your old bike while it is in good condition. Sell scooty to a genuine buyer. Take the bike for a proper evaluation and get it serviced without hassle. Keep the bike service papers.


4: Crack a good deal: You must be looking for a good deal as you decide to sell an old scooty. You must hit the best value as you put up your bike for sale. If you maintain your bike, you must mention it to the new buyer. As you keep the bike servicing records, it will help you to get a good payback. Keep a price range while you plan to sell the bike in 30 minutes or sell a bike instantly to a platform.


5: Keep Documents ready- This is one of the most crucial factors. Starting from the registration certificate, No Objection Certificate, Pollution under control (PUC), Sales receipt, Transfer deed, Bike insurance certificate, Road tax certificate and more, all the documents must be ready. Keep the bike servicing records ready too. It is of real help as once the bike is sold, there will be no delay in selling it as quickly as possible. Due to paperwork, the delay happens most of the time while you sell bike. 


To conclude, while you choose to sell bikes online, you have to follow these parameters mentioned above. To sell an old bike to a genuine buyer is a hard thing to do. Especially if you do it all by yourself, on the other hand, choosing a genuine platform to sell a used bike, you’ll have a swift experience. Trust and transparency in selling 2 wheeler are significant for you to enjoy hassle-free service as a seller. Keep your bike in good condition for a good deal. Make sure you sell a two-wheeler for a desirable price that you already planned. Enjoy Selling a used bike instantly.